Dark Matters

from by Cyclopean Beat Music

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Dark Matters

From start to finish, just a tired cliché
And I’m the ghost that floats from day to day
Take a number, get in line
Prove my existence, waste my time

Axial angle: 23 degrees
It’s no phenomenon, it’s just me
Hydrogen-2-oxygen, to rusted red
Push the disease, killing with ease

A paperweight, a depression in dark matter
A stark reminder when it’s over nothing matters

Creases, folds, quantum-level bullet holes
Evidence we have no control
Head-on collision in subatomic space
You’ll never see it, but stares you in the face

The light that’s shines twice as bright will burn us whole
The heart that beats twice as long is black as coal

I count the aches and I curse the pains
I’d give a shit, but I forgot your name
Please, don’t take it personal, its finite space
I lose momentum as the hare picks up the pace

The tortoise drags his belly in dark matter
But all he does is swallows worms, and nothing matters

Creases, folds…

Worse than a virus, full of order and contempt

Over the cliffside and through the air
Can’t say the lemmings didn’t warn me, but I don’t care
Falling, fading, finish line
This is the grand finale; this is time

Careening down an endless chasm of dark matter
And even if I reach the bottom, nothing matters


from Vol. 999, released November 13, 2011
Sean Pendleton, Eric Ramirez



all rights reserved


Cyclopean Beat Music Orlando, Florida

Former members of now defunct Orlando-based synth band, fwd:, came together once again for a grand hoorah. Vol. 999 consists of two ideas from the fwd: era, coupled with two newer ideas. This project is not regularly active, but that could change at any given moment. Cyclopean Beat Music uses computers to make music, deal with it. ... more

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